Free WordPress Themes Vs Premium WordPress Themes

There is a reason why WordPress is the biggest blog hosting site in the world. But one of the biggest reasons for its success is the fact that customization is literally encouraged here. With the use of themes that can be found in just about all corners of the internet, it is almost certain that you are going to be able to find a theme to match your website’s personality and content. With so many themes out there, one of the burning questions, especially for new WordPress users, is this. Free WordPress themes (WPTs) vs. premium WordPress themes: what are their differences and what is the better choice in the long run? Of course their fundamental difference is in the pricing: one is available for free while you’ll have to pay for the privilege of owning the theme for the other. But where else do they differ? To find out, we are going to pit them against each other using some points of comparison.

Quality of Design and Function

The fact that programmers are asking their clients to pay up for their themes mean that their themes must have something that cannot be seen on free WPTs. And while it is true that there are a lot of free themes out there that have design and quality that can match up even against the premium ones, there are some features that remain exclusive to premium WPTs. For instance, on the quality standpoint, you can almost rest assured that these programmers have spent more time perfecting premium WPTs compared to free themes. In addition, some of these premium themes are actually professionally designed, which works best for people that use their WordPress for business purposes.


There are times wherein specific themes don’t work for varying versions of OS, internet browsers, etc. This is the reason why support from the producers themselves is a crucial factor. And while there are a lot of free WPTs that offer free support just in case a theme runs into problems, usually premium WordPress themes offer much better support for those that encounter theme problems. Even better is that they offer this comprehensive support for free.


In the argument between free WordPress themes vs. premium WPTs, this is one area that free WPTs win convincingly. There are various sites that are dedicated to providing free WPTs. All you’ll have to do is to search for them on the internet and you are going to see literally thousands of themes that you can use and customize for your site. In fact, even WordPress themselves offer free themes that can be used by people, especially those that don’t have the capability of self-hosting yet.


This is where we are going to make a verdict of who wins the matchup between free WPTs vs. premium WPTs. And honestly, on this department, it’s a bit of a push. It all depends on the priorities of the user. If the site is going to be for personal use, a good quality free WordPress theme should work more than fine. But if you are going to use if for business purposes, it would be a worthy investment to go for premium WordPress themes.

Source by Gerald Bibbs

Know The Steps Of A Successful PSD To WordPress Conversion

Designing a WordPress website is easier. One just has to acquire a bit of programming knowledge, as the open-source platform is extremely user-friendly. However, you need to convert your PSD templates into WordPress themes to create eye-catching web pages. Now, the big thing is, there are some finite steps that you have to follow for a successful PSD to WordPress conversion. Many people hire designers or WordPress experts for the same. So, let us have a glimpse of the essential steps.

Slice your PSD template

The process of PSD to WordPress conversion starts with cutting the PSD template into multiple files. This let you save each design component of the PSD template perfectly. You can use an image editing software or the very popular Adobe Photoshop for the same.

Create an HTML & CSS template

You need to code the sliced images into HTML format and then into a corresponding CSS template. You can use software like Dreamweaver or Fireworks to escape the need of programming skills. However, bit knowledge of HTML and CSS turns helpful in this step. Save the HTML template as index.HTML and the CSS file as Style.css. In this step, you can decide whether you will love to create a responsive website or not.

Break index.HTML file into a WordPress structure

A WordPress theme has a specific structure and mainly comprises of two types of files -index.php and style.css files. You need to break the index.HTML file into several .php files like the following ones.

• Archive.php

• Header.php

• Footer.php

• Index.php

• Single.php

• Page.php

• Sidebar.php

• Category.php

• Search.php

• 404.php

• Comments.php

• Comments-popup.php

This helps in adding the additional functionalities and the plugins in a hassle-free manner.

Add WordPress tags

In this step, you have to add in-built function tags to the .php files that you have created in the previous step. This completes the creation of a custom WordPress theme. You can activate it via the WordPress dashboard.

Add functionalities

As it is always better to improve yourself, you can add more functionalities as per your requirement in the last step. The process of conversion of PSD to WordPress is simple, but if find it a bit confusing, hire a WordPress developer. You can easily find one at an affordable rate, as there is no dearth of experienced WordPress developers. Moreover, you can find many free tutorials over the web on PSD to WordPress conversion for more information.

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Why Should You Trust WordPress For Your Company Website?

WordPress was launched in 2003 as a blogging platform and since then, it has grown a lot in popularity and usages worldwide. From blogging software to full-fledged content management system (CMS) software – it has surely come a long way by serving users for blogging and non-blogging purposes alike.

At present, WordPress is a top choice for businesses across industry verticals for their websites and other web based solutions. It’s able to deliver websites and online applications of any nature and perhaps this is the major reason of its popularity.

In a sense, WordPress is a kind of platform that helps businesses add value to their development tasks and keep their online journey cost effective. More so, your business of any scale and size can benefit from this open source platform.

Here are some to use WordPress to power the website of your company –

#1 Simplicity of use

CMS is used to get ease with content publishing. WordPress not only delivers that ease but also makes the entire exercise of managing, publishing, organizing and editing content a simple affair. It’s this very easy of use feature that makes WP perhaps the most popular platform for websites around today.

#2 Content management gone simple

WordPress is developed in a manner to have an intuitive interface and deliver ease of use. So, businesses find it easy to add new pages, blog posts, images etc. as and when they needed. All this work is done quickly without any need of formatting.

#3 Online site management

It’s now possible to manage website online. In this way, users can manage the site from any system irrespective of the location or time. Since WordPress is browser-based, it’s now possible to log in from any net-connected system and get the site managed with effortless ease.

#4 Over thousands of free themes

Your can give your website the look and feel of choice. WordPress has over thousands of free themes or templates to choose from. This way, you can choose a business-specific theme and gain big on the internet. You will get theme for just about anything and everything.

#5 Friendly to search engines

WordPress-powered websites are friendly to search engines. So, they deliver ranking and visibility benefits without any investment on that front. This CMS has clean and simple code and thus, search engines index them more. What’s more, developers can add SEO elements to each page, post and image thereby adding more heft to your optimization efforts.

#6 Simple updates

WordPress not only brings absolute ease of managing your content but also enables one to make simple updates all by own. Thus, there is no need to rely on designer or developer to get sites updated as you can do this with ease. Which means, a greater level of control is had on the site more than ever.

#7 Free plugins

WordPress has a great number of plugins to let anyone enhance the functionality of the website. Most of these plugins are free while some are available very cheap. You can select based on the operation or area or role you want to improve upon. This is how your website performs well over the internet and achieves it goals with ease.

#8 Scalable

Scalability is one of major features of WordPress CMS. So, sites powered by this platform can be scalable in nature. Which means, sites can be added with as many pages and posts or images or whatever but that won’t have any negative impact on its performance.

In overall, you should trust a WordPress development company and get powerful website to achieve your online goals with ease.

Source by Alex Sharma

The Best WordPress Plugins

To understand which are the best WordPress Plugins for your website you first need to understand what a Plug-ins are.

If you were a website developer some years ago you would need to be proficient at a number of coding languages ​​in order to add functions to your website. If you think of something simple like adding a social button to your site like Twitter for example. The web developer would need to write a piece of code or a link to Twitter and add an image on all the pages.

With the introduction of WordPress and its many associated Plug-ins, this is no longer the case. All a developer or site builder needs to do now is search for a Plug-in and install it with the click of a button.

Why Do We Need WordPress Plugins?

We can't truly understand why we need plugins until we've planned our site and understood what we want from our site. When we have a good idea of ​​the functions on the site requires, we can begin to understand are the best WordPress Plugins for its needs.

What Do WordPress Plugins Do?

To understand WordPress Plugins, is to understand that there's nothing they cannot do. is an open source project meaning anyone can produce any Plug-in they wish. This means for every problem with a WordPress website, there is a solution in the form of a Plug-in. Many plugins are used for data capture and SEO. We will take at look at some of the best SEO WordPress plugin shortly because it's on the list.

Which WordPress Plugins Do I need?

The first thing to do here is please, please never have more than one Plugin doing the same job. If you do, only failure will follow.

Secondly, the Akismet anti-spam plugin which is by now the best know Plugin is no longer free, so I suggest using WP-spam shield or SI CAPTCHA anti-spam.

So What Are The Best WordPress Plugins, And Which Ones Do I Need?

For this WordPress Plugin tutorial, I am going to outline what I believe to be the minimum requirements to run WordPress website safely and successfully, starting with a list of WordPress plugins and a description of the function.

So, let's get started with our list.

1. All in one SEO Pack

2. Google XML Sitemaps

3. Hide Title

4. Mail Subscribe List

5. Pretty Links

6. SEO Smart Links

7. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam

8. Sociable

9. WP Fastest Cache

10. WP Spam shield

11. Table Maker

12. Contact Form 7 + Download Monitor + Email Before Download

Notice that number 12 contains 3 plugins which I want to talk about as a whole because these are used together in order to create a subscription before download function to your site.

Also, as a starting note, it's always wise to run on as few plugins as possible due to the recourses these plugins use. Don't start to panic, it's just something to consider when you're adding your plugins because the more you install, the more resources that will be used. This could end up affecting the efficiency of the site, such as loading speeds.

All In One SEO Pack.

The all in one SEO pack does what it says on the tin. One of the best SEO WordPress plugin ever! Essentially, it installs an interface that allows you to configure your site SEO, so the search engine can easily make sense of your content.

It includes all these options

* XML Sitemap support – submit your sitemap to Google and Bing and improve your SEO

* Google Analytics support

* Support for SEO on Custom Post Types

* Fine tune Page Navigational Links

* Built-in API so other plugins / themes can access and extend functionality

* ONLY free plugin to provide SEO Integration for e-Commerce sites, including WooCommerce

* Nonce Security built into All in One SEO Pack

* Support for CMS-style WordPress installations

* Automatically optimizes your titles for Google and other search engines

* Generates META tags automatically

* Avoids the typical duplicate content found on WordPress blogs

For beginners, you don't even have to look at the options, it works out-of-the-box. Just install.

For advanced users, you can fine-tune everything to optimize your SEO

Google XML Sitemaps.

The Google XML sitemap plugin will generate an XML sitemap to help search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and to better index your blog. This sitemap describes your site to the crawlers sent out by the search engines, meaning those search engines understand your pages and can serve these pages to people looking for your content.

The plugin supports all kinds of WordPress generated pages and custom URLs, and notifies all major search engines every time you create a new post or page.

This plugin has been around for 9 years and highly rated as a plugin providing a complete XML sitemap for search engines without slowing your site down. so clearly one of the best WordPress plugins in my view.

Hide Title.

This is a simple plugin that you will appreciate once you start creating pages and posts. If your page has the same name as you content title, then this will appear twice at the top of your page. What if you wanted you page name and content title to be the same but only show once at the top of the page. This plugin allows you to hide the page name to give you a single view.

Mail Subscribe List

If you plan to create a mailing list then a subscriber mailing list will be essential for you.

Visitors are allowed to enter their name and email address on your website and the details are stored and available to view and modify. The data capture can be added to your WordPress site as a widget or added to a page using a shortcut code.

Advanced features include 3rd party integration, mass emailing and double opt-in options to qualify your leads.

Clever coding means this plugin works with all email service providers as well as allowing the exportation of the mailing list. The customization is also impressive including all the following areas that can be displayed as you prefer.

"prepend" -> Adds a paragraph of text just inside the top of the form.

"showname" -> If true, this with show the name label and input field for capturing the users name.

"nametxt" -> Text that is displayed to the left of the name input field.

"nameholder" -> Text that is displayed inside the name input box as a place holder.

"emailtxt" -> Text that is displayed to the left of the email input field.

"emailholder" -> Text that is displayed inside the email input box as a place holder.

"showsubmit" -> If true, this with show the submit button, return required to submit form.

"submittxt" -> Text / value that will be displayed on the form submit button.

"jsthanks" -> If true, this will display a JavaScript Alert Thank You message instead of a paragraph above the form.

"thankyou" -> Thank you message that will be displayed when someone subscribes. (Will not show if blank)

The list of customization are longer than this article allows, but I think you get the idea of ​​just how versatile this plugin really is.

Pretty Links .

Pretty Link, is a must have plugin for any affiliate marketer in order to protect their affiliate links, and also makes their readers feel better about navigating to product pages.

A typical affiliate link may look something like this.

As you can see it is not very attractive and some people do not want to click on such a link, but what if you could change that link to something like this

Instantly, it's more friendly and more descriptive, and all you need to do was enter your original URL into Pretty Link and add the link name of your choice and click a button.

In addition to cleaning up your links and protecting potentially valuable affiliate links being stolen, Pretty Link can also track and report on the use of your links. Without a doubt one of the best WordPress plugins out there.

SEO Smart Links.

This is another amazing SEO WordPress plugin, helping you create internal links between your pages and posts, which in turns tells the search engine crawlers how important certain page are, and really helps with your SEO.

The SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages transparently.


Whenever a reader leaves a comment on your post they will need to enter CAPTCHA anti-spam before submitting.

This is to prevent to spam attacks that that fill your comment intray within hours.

Features include:

* Configure from Admin panel

* Valid HTML

* Allows Trackbacks and Pingbacks.

* Setting to hide the CAPTCHA from logged in users and or admins

* Setting to show the CAPTCHA on the forms for comments, registration, lost password, login, or all.


Sociable gives you the option to add multiple social buttons to your site.

It is a feature-packed plugin allowing a degree of customization so you can select and customize features like text, color, and length in order to ensure visitors have a great Sociable Experience.

This is a free Plug-in with over 1.5 million downloads so far which is a testament to its abilities and popularity as one of the best WordPress plugins

WP Fastest Cache.

Every time a web page is opened by a user, both the server the website it's on, and the computer viewing the website utilizes resources such as CPU, Memory. When pages are rendered, PHP and MySQL are used on the server taking up precious resources. The more users or visitors the more resources used

This plugin helps the process along by creating static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress site, meaning fewer resources are used and load times are reduced.

The setup is simple. You don't need to modify the .htacces file. It will be modified automatically.

WP Spamshield.

This is WordPress anti-spam protection with NO CAPTCHAs to challenge visitors, working instead, silently in the background.

Most spam hitting a site originates from bots sent out by the spammers, but there's still quite a lot sent by real humans too. This plugin works like a firewall to ensure that your commenters are in fact, human, but also that those humans aren't spamming you.

It's a powerful and user-friendly WordPress anti-spam plugin that eliminates comment spam & registration spam.

Table Maker.

This is a very simple Plugin to use that helps you to create different comparison tables. It has functions which allow you to use plugins to create different types of tables, comparison, TOP, specification tables, etc.


• Responsive option (stacks)

• Predefined icons

• Rows or Cols lines

• Option to mark first column for specification labels

• Option to add labels and featured row and cols

• Works with shortcodes

• Option to add subheaders

• Option to choose color of header

• Great and simple design

• Option to upload and use images

• Optional center aligning

• Export tables to XML. Import ones from XML / CSV

Contact Form 7 + Download Monitor + Email Before Download

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is another simple plugin that allows you to add a contact form to a page or post with a Short Code. You can create multiple contact forms that can be customized with simple markup. Should you wish to use it, the plugin also supports CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and so on.

Download Monitor

If you want to offer downloadable file this plugin is for you. Download Monitor provides an interface for uploading and downloading so you can insert download links into post and pages.

Email Before Download

Presents your readers with a form where they submit information, such as name and email address before allowing them to download a file. This integrates with the Contact Form 7 and Download Monitor plugins, allowing you to create any form you like and manage your file downloads.

Not only that, you can also export the list of users that downloaded files and create your contact / leads list.


WordPress Websites with WordPress Plugins are now the de facto route to website ownership for millions of individuals and small companies alike. The versatility and ease of creating the sites and adding functionality for free and without knowledge or experience of coding means owning and running a money making websites is now truly democratic.

Now, anyone with an idea and the dedication can create and run an online business.

Add to this, the ability to install SEO and mobile friendly themes and it makes WordPress websites the only viable option for those on a budget and limited experience.

Source by Carl Scutt

What is New in WordPress 3.0?

WordPress 3.0, the thirteenth major release of WordPress and the culmination of half a year of work by 218 contributors which includes 1,217 bug fixes and feature enhancements, is now available for download. Major new features in this release include a sexy new default theme called Twenty Ten. Theme developers have new APIs that allow them to easily implement custom backgrounds, headers, shortlinks, menus (no more file editing), post types, and taxonomies. Some of our favorite features include: Twenty Ten Theme, Advanced Menus, Custom Post Types, and ability to upgrade multiple plugins from the plugins page.

This Is Couple “New Feature In WordPress 3.0”

-New default theme “Twenty Ten” takes full advantage of the current features of WordPress. This theme will include Custom header, Custom Background, Clean Design, Multiple Widget Areas, Cascading Menus and a lot more.

-Merge WordPress and WordPress MU, allowing the management of multiple sites from one WordPress installation. In the upcoming release, WordPress MU will be merged into the WordPress Core. So, from now on, you will be able to run more than one site/blog from a single installation of WordPress.

-Ability to set the admin username and password during installation.

-Bulk updating of themes with an automatic maintenance mode during the process.

-Improved Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies including hierarchical (category-style) support. (Try the Custom Post Type UI or GD Custom Posts And Taxonomies Tools plugins to see the possibilities.). This feature will give you power to create content of any type that you want. For example, you can have Portfolio listings, Products, Catalogs, Library etc. This feature is not going to replace categories or Tags. You will still be able to use categories. Custom Post Types will allow a different way of sorting/displaying your content.

-Shortlink support, generate short link ( for posts. Could be supported by plugin or theme.

There is some good news for theme developers too with WordPress 3.0, it now includes new APIs to easily implement backgrounds, menus, headers and more. So developers can make use of those APIs instead of having to edit the themes over and over again.

What’s next for WordPress? Usually they follow a release announcement by giving some ideas as to what is next for WordPress. However, instead of giving insight on WordPress 3.1 the team has announced they will be taking a release cycle off so that they can “focus on things around WordPress.” That’s things like the WordPress forums, Codex, theme and plugin directories, core plugins, etc.

Source by Edward Klink

Top 7 Tips To Access The World of WordPress Store Owners

1. How to Reach WordPress Store Owners?

So you want to reach the world of WordPress owners of stores. You can reach owners on WordPress fairly quickly by typing the words WordPress Store on the search engine within WordPress itself. You then get a drop-down list of all the stores available on WordPress.

Once you get the drop down list, you can then find your particular niche of stores that you want to target and attract and begin to build a system to become very attractive to these particular entrepreneurs.

2. Attract Store Owners

Becoming attractive to online shop owners on WordPress will require research. To connect with only those people that own stores will mean being able to provide store-owners with something they will need.

Knowing what the most important objective is to them will go a long way towards keeping you within their circle and attracting more like-minded clients. Posting news articles and the latest updates on pertinent topics for store-owners such as articles like Generate Online Sales Faster will go a long way.

3. The Main Objective

No matter what age, location or demographic they belong to, most owners have one thing in mind and that is to generate sales. Getting their products moving out the virtual door is the main goal. This is, after all, what will generate cash and keep business running with the passage of time.

Knowing that this is the objective of store owners will help you zero-in on what you can provide them.

Having a product or service that will get products of WordPress store owners moving out the virtual door is what will get you more clients.

4. Get The Word Out

To reach WordPress owners of stores, you can connect to your niche’s online influencers and begin to get the word out to store owners about a product, feature, app or service you plan to offer. It is not unlike reaching actual customers. The difference is that your customers or potential clients happens to be entrepreneurs on WordPress.

It helps to think of it as having a regular marketing strategy for normal customers except that the particular audience you have in mind happens to be people that own a WordPress store.

Building a relationship with these professional store owners can be done using the outreach possible by influencers. Subscribe to blogs, follow them on social media accounts and be specific about your target store-owner. You can also comment on blog posts, respond to updates on Facebook and even tweet back on Twitter.

The point is that you need to get into their circle of influence and within their radar to get noticed and build credibility as a service or product provider.

5. Blogging Helps

To attract the store-owning clientele on WordPress, it helps to have a blog. Posts like Top Ten Tips for WordPress Store Owners will be sure to catch their attention. You can even include tweets and posts you have done on other sites to gain credibility even further.

6. Build A Relationship

Most WordPress store owners are in it for the long run. For the most part, each store owner would have carefully put together a social media integrated strategy to advertise and promote their site and products. They will usually have more than a few traffic-generating techniques that they are putting into action.

As a way to attract entrepreneurss, you will need to put something similar into play. Plan a strategy of integrated marketing and traffic generation. The difference is that your particular traffic happens to be those people that own a store on WordPress.

Building a long term relationship will mean consistently keeping in touch, providing services and seller-products they are interested in and new methods of attracting customers that they will want to jump on. Being ahead of the game really is the key. Remember, their sole purpose of existence is to get products moving out of their store.

If you can prove that you can consistently help them generate sales with what you provide, you can be sure to build a long-term relationship with each store owner you connect with.

7. Welcome Feedback

In every area of virtual existence, improvement comes from being open to feedback and tweaking your services to suit the needs of your clients. This includes store owners on WordPress. Find out what they like and what they don’t.

What needs improvement? Welcoming feedback and adjusting accordingly will make you very popular among this niche. When clients see that your door is open to criticism and that you are more than willing to adjust in order to give your niche what they want, you can be assured of more store-owners wanting a relationship with you.

Source by Jennifer Cosculluela

9 Great Tips to Boost Your Web Development Skills

It’s undeniable that web development has become a sought-after service in the internet marketing business. Modern-day entrepreneurs want to have a website of their own to establish their brand online. If you want to get hired, you have to be one of the best in your field.

There may be no substitute for experience, but there are shortcuts to improving your skills. The following are great tips from seasoned developers on how you can boost your web development prowess.

1. Get rid of floated lists. Most web developers get stuck fixing the floated lists element. Sometimes, setting the right height can get complicated. You can prevent this from happening by adding two CSS properties to any container within the list – display: block; overflow: hidden; Doing so adjusts the height automatically.

2. Use web inspectors. When it comes to the use of web inspectors, developers differ on which one is best. If your website encounters some minor CSS problems, this tool works effectively. You can preview changes live in Safari or Chrome. Just right click on an element and choose ‘Inspect Element’.

3. Sandbox the clutter. Keep your experiments uncluttered by outside influences. If you want to try some new effects, transitions, or techniques, do it as a sandbox project. Following this can make the code easier to debug if it doesn’t work as expected.

4. Single responsibility principle. You may have heard web developers stressing the importance of this principle. The single responsibility function simply explains that every object in your code should contain one function. Splitting the structure and the style can actually benefit you in the end. Once something breaks, it’ll be easier for you to find which object is the problem.

5. Try the GitLab system. Most web developers use GitHub, but it’s more of a private tool. For an enhanced version, you should try GitLab. For one, it is an open source. It can also be made compatible with your own servers.

6. Always comment your code. This is highly recommended for those who work as a team offering internet marketing services. In order for others to understand your code, you need to properly comment on codes, organize PSDs and FLAs, and name layers. It’ll be easier for the whole team to find where things are.

7. Automate your unit tests. Deploying or manually running unit tests can be a waste of time. Be smart and automate it. This can help you find problems early in the development cycle. It can also watch over your code in both time and space dimensions.

8. Sprite to speed up. Speed up your page downloads by turning icons, buttons, and backgrounds into sprites. Once you use the attribute ‘CSS background-position’ the portion of the image you want to appear will be shown.

9. Security is important. When launching a new website, it’s easy to get carried away with design and content that security becomes taken for granted. Before going live, make sure that your site is secure. Run it through security checks to solve security concerns. Try to test your site’s security using

Whether it’s for blogs or an eCommerce website agency, entrepreneurs will need web developers to improve and maintain their website’s interaction. Practice these tips to also improve on your skills as a web developer!

Source by Manfred M Steichler

WordPress – The Ultimate Blog Platform?

I have chosen WordPress as our blog platform for our internet marketing business and that is for some very good reasons. Below is a (somewhat subjective) review and reasons behind our choice. First off some Advantages and Disadvantages.


– WordPress is a FREE blog platform
– WordPress has tons of plugins that will help you optimize your blog according to your needs and requirements
– WordPress is very easy to install and use
– WordPress has thousands of followers and developers that continuously improve and develop plugins, tools and software


– We have some difficulties using the editor, so we use a free HTML editor called NVU, make the post there and copy it into the WordPress "Add New Post" editor.
– A lot of spamboots and automatic comment poster "attack" WordPress blog posts
– Except for that we haven't found any weaknesses or disadvantages so far.

Plugins are small softwares that is developed by either WordPress OR webdesigners like you and me, in order to complete and optimize WordPress. There are literally thousands of plugins developed, soe not so good and some truly amazing. Below is a couple of examples of plugins just to give you an idea of ​​what it really is:

Plugin 1: TweetMeme – this FREE plugin puts a small button on every blog post which enables your visitors to easily share YOUR blog post link to all their Twitter followers. HIGHLY recommended (check it in the upper right hand corner of this post)

Plugin 2: MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate – this $ 97 plugin enables you to manage ALL your links, create your own link names etc etc.

We'll cover some really good, both free and paid, plugins in later posts, but we just like to mention specifically that there are some excellent plugins for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will drive free traffic to your website / blog.

In the blogging world there are constant need for different softwares, and for WordPress (and other blog platforms) there are a lot of good ones developed. Again, just to give you an idea of ​​what we're talking about, here is an example:

Artisteer – this software enables you to MAKE your OWN WordPress themes (soon also Blogger / Blogspot) without knowing any HTML codes. You can set the width of your blog, colors, header, footer … you name it – you can do it with Artisteer. An excellent software if you're setting up and managing many blogs.

WordPress is in our eyes the ultimate blog platform for your internet marketing and business. It has ALL the features and tweks we're looking for and it continues to develop and improve day by day. Before you chose your blogging platform, you definitely have to evaluate them and see if it's suitable for you.

Thanks for taking time to read this review, and whatever choice you make – we wish you all the best in your business endeavors.

PS – Comments and suggestions are HIGHLY welcomed 🙂

Yours Respectfully
Tom Hammerborg

Source by Tom Hammerborg

Fight Malicious Attacks With Web Browsing Security

You probably don't think of a hacker getting into your information every time you go online. We think we are the "small fish" compared to those who really have money and power. Even if you don't order a lot items online, you still aren't considered safe. Some say over 90 percent of home computers get attacked with spyware or a dangerous virus, sometimes numerous times over the course of a year. This is a scary thought because it means personal information could be taken from you. Some could easily steal your identity. This is why more and more people are using web browsing security measures to protect their PC.

Most people don't realize a hacker looks at a web browser as a first source of entry. This is your PC's front door, and it isn't something you want to leave unlocked and available for anyone to enter. Basically, this gateway is the way people view your personal data.

Every time you go online, your computer sends requests to different web pages. Your browser asks questions all over the web, and it brings the data back to your computer for translation. If there isn't any web browsing security in place, this is the easiest way for a hacker to get onto your PC.

You need to have security measures in place that are much stronger than any attack. This is how you protect yourself from identity theft. However, it cannot be so rigid that you aren't capable of searching the Internet. The best web browsing security will stop any spyware from entering your browser and will prevent pop-ups. It seals up security holes and handles malicious file downloads and any malicious ActiveX programs trying to sneak into your files. The latter is the main way a hacker tries to steal data.

Source by John D. Garber

What Are the Advantages of a PHP Generator?

If you are an online business owner, then it is important that you know what the advantages are to a PHP generator. There are many internet business owners that are building PHP websites along with HTML sites. The reason for this is that it allows them to have the best sites possible for their business. There are many advantages that will help you determine if this is something you should be using for your business.

Here are the main advantages to using a PHP generator to help you build a website for your business.

One: When you have an online business, building a website can cost you some money if you don’t know what you are doing. By using a generator, you will be able to save yourself money on your site. The reason for this is that the generator is free to use and can be found on many sites online for easy use.

Two: When you decide to build a website using PHP, generating code for your site is very time consuming. By using a generator, you will be able to save yourself time building the site because this tool will generate the code for you. This means that you can have your site online and live much faster.

Three: When you do business online, having a site that is original is a must if you want to be successful. With a PHP site, this will be very easy to achieve. The generator allows customization so your site can be as original as possible.

Four: Did you know that when you do business online, your website’s security is a major concern? There are many sites online that are not as secure as they need to be. This is a big mistake because it leaves your site vulnerable. You can avoid this security problem because with a generator you can easily set up effective security with no problem.

These are the most important advantages that you need to know about using a PHP generator to build your business site. Now that you know what these advantages are, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not this is a tool that you should be using for your business. Start looking for a generator today that you can use to start building your website now. You will be glad you did when the site is done and live on the internet.

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