9 Great Tips to Boost Your Web Development Skills

It’s undeniable that web development has become a sought-after service in the internet marketing business. Modern-day entrepreneurs want to have a website of their own to establish their brand online. If you want to get hired, you have to be one of the best in your field.

There may be no substitute for experience, but there are shortcuts to improving your skills. The following are great tips from seasoned developers on how you can boost your web development prowess.

1. Get rid of floated lists. Most web developers get stuck fixing the floated lists element. Sometimes, setting the right height can get complicated. You can prevent this from happening by adding two CSS properties to any container within the list – display: block; overflow: hidden; Doing so adjusts the height automatically.

2. Use web inspectors. When it comes to the use of web inspectors, developers differ on which one is best. If your website encounters some minor CSS problems, this tool works effectively. You can preview changes live in Safari or Chrome. Just right click on an element and choose ‘Inspect Element’.

3. Sandbox the clutter. Keep your experiments uncluttered by outside influences. If you want to try some new effects, transitions, or techniques, do it as a sandbox project. Following this can make the code easier to debug if it doesn’t work as expected.

4. Single responsibility principle. You may have heard web developers stressing the importance of this principle. The single responsibility function simply explains that every object in your code should contain one function. Splitting the structure and the style can actually benefit you in the end. Once something breaks, it’ll be easier for you to find which object is the problem.

5. Try the GitLab system. Most web developers use GitHub, but it’s more of a private tool. For an enhanced version, you should try GitLab. For one, it is an open source. It can also be made compatible with your own servers.

6. Always comment your code. This is highly recommended for those who work as a team offering internet marketing services. In order for others to understand your code, you need to properly comment on codes, organize PSDs and FLAs, and name layers. It’ll be easier for the whole team to find where things are.

7. Automate your unit tests. Deploying or manually running unit tests can be a waste of time. Be smart and automate it. This can help you find problems early in the development cycle. It can also watch over your code in both time and space dimensions.

8. Sprite to speed up. Speed up your page downloads by turning icons, buttons, and backgrounds into sprites. Once you use the attribute ‘CSS background-position’ the portion of the image you want to appear will be shown.

9. Security is important. When launching a new website, it’s easy to get carried away with design and content that security becomes taken for granted. Before going live, make sure that your site is secure. Run it through security checks to solve security concerns. Try to test your site’s security using

Whether it’s for blogs or an eCommerce website agency, entrepreneurs will need web developers to improve and maintain their website’s interaction. Practice these tips to also improve on your skills as a web developer!

Source by Manfred M Steichler

Fight Malicious Attacks With Web Browsing Security

You probably don't think of a hacker getting into your information every time you go online. We think we are the "small fish" compared to those who really have money and power. Even if you don't order a lot items online, you still aren't considered safe. Some say over 90 percent of home computers get attacked with spyware or a dangerous virus, sometimes numerous times over the course of a year. This is a scary thought because it means personal information could be taken from you. Some could easily steal your identity. This is why more and more people are using web browsing security measures to protect their PC.

Most people don't realize a hacker looks at a web browser as a first source of entry. This is your PC's front door, and it isn't something you want to leave unlocked and available for anyone to enter. Basically, this gateway is the way people view your personal data.

Every time you go online, your computer sends requests to different web pages. Your browser asks questions all over the web, and it brings the data back to your computer for translation. If there isn't any web browsing security in place, this is the easiest way for a hacker to get onto your PC.

You need to have security measures in place that are much stronger than any attack. This is how you protect yourself from identity theft. However, it cannot be so rigid that you aren't capable of searching the Internet. The best web browsing security will stop any spyware from entering your browser and will prevent pop-ups. It seals up security holes and handles malicious file downloads and any malicious ActiveX programs trying to sneak into your files. The latter is the main way a hacker tries to steal data.

Source by John D. Garber

What Are the Advantages of a PHP Generator?

If you are an online business owner, then it is important that you know what the advantages are to a PHP generator. There are many internet business owners that are building PHP websites along with HTML sites. The reason for this is that it allows them to have the best sites possible for their business. There are many advantages that will help you determine if this is something you should be using for your business.

Here are the main advantages to using a PHP generator to help you build a website for your business.

One: When you have an online business, building a website can cost you some money if you don’t know what you are doing. By using a generator, you will be able to save yourself money on your site. The reason for this is that the generator is free to use and can be found on many sites online for easy use.

Two: When you decide to build a website using PHP, generating code for your site is very time consuming. By using a generator, you will be able to save yourself time building the site because this tool will generate the code for you. This means that you can have your site online and live much faster.

Three: When you do business online, having a site that is original is a must if you want to be successful. With a PHP site, this will be very easy to achieve. The generator allows customization so your site can be as original as possible.

Four: Did you know that when you do business online, your website’s security is a major concern? There are many sites online that are not as secure as they need to be. This is a big mistake because it leaves your site vulnerable. You can avoid this security problem because with a generator you can easily set up effective security with no problem.

These are the most important advantages that you need to know about using a PHP generator to build your business site. Now that you know what these advantages are, you can make a more informed decision about whether or not this is a tool that you should be using for your business. Start looking for a generator today that you can use to start building your website now. You will be glad you did when the site is done and live on the internet.

Source by Sergey Kornilov

Pros and Cons of cPanel Web Hosting

When talking about server management interface, there is no denying that cPanel is currently the leading control panel in the web hosting industry. Many web hosting companies are also offering cPanel hosting as their preferred control panel. If you want to set up a blog, e-commerce websites or any other web sites, there is no software makes it as straightforward as cPanel. cPanel makes it easy for people to manage and create powerful websites. If you are a newbie, you make have no clear idea of the benefits you will gain from this kind of web host. Here I would very glad to list the pros and cons of this hosting solution.

It is a powerful and easy to use interface which allows you to manage your website and domain via a single interface. Any task including building, maintaining and updating your website becomes increasing easy. No matter a beginner at website development or an experienced webmaster, you are of equally to enjoy the advantageous it come along. You are allowed to use it to build your website and manage your email, web directories, error pages, disk space, databases, backups, FTP functionality and even to set up a shopping cart. With cPanel you can easily see the disk space you have available, set your spam filers and more. It is relatively easy to use; however, if you get stuck there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet.

It has come into the market for such a long time that it proven to be of security and stability. With so many years’ development, it has gained a large user base. Most users choose a cPanel web host because they believe in the quality and reliability of a cPanel web host. Opt in for cPanel you will get a solid foundation for your website.

It is well known for its support for various third-party applications. This allows web hosting provider to offer hosting packages bundled with a wide variety of pre-installed, ready to be used programs. With these pre-configuration, you are allow to use these software with a few clicks of the mouse. For example, the most popular blogging system WordPress and famous e-commerce shopping carts like Cube Cart, Zen Cart and osCommerce is at your disposal. With cPanel, you can instantly enhance your web presence regardless of your experience as a server administrator.

Spam Assassin is available on many cPanel hosting sites. Spam Assassin is a mail filtering system which scans each and every email received under the email accounts hosted from your cPanel account for characteristics which are typical of spam messages. This function also increases your website security.

With so many advantages, when talking about its disadvantages, I find that it is hardly for me to get one reading through the internet. Overall, cPanel should be the first thing you must consider while searching for the web hosting service provider. The shared web hosting services that hostease offer cPanel hosting no bandwidth limitations, unlimited e-mail account unrestricted MySQL databases, and unlimited domain support for a single account and as well as a free domain name for life. It is an excellent choice for any website owners with its great support and affordable price.

Source by Joyce Carcia

Website Design – The 8 “C’s” That Make a Site Sticky

I believe in judging a website by how well it converts visits into profits and this can be achieved with “stickiness”… the measure of how long a user spends on your site.

The longer they stay the likelier they are to spend money, ask any good salesperson worth his weight in salt!

Website Design, “stickiness” & the 8 “C’s”

Your design should keep visitors on your site AND make them come back for more so implement a few of the “C’s” in your site design to improve your conversion rate:


“Content is king” so ensure your web copy is unique, fresh, useful to users and fits in with the overall design.

Broadcast content with RSS Feeds, e-mails and sms to your target audience and link to relevant sites to get your point across (automate this in the website design).

Interactive website design (on-line games, weather reports, etc.) ensures consumers spend more time on your website.

Include F.A.Q.S, reports, research data or on-line response forms and integrate call to actions throughout the website.

2. Community

Engage people on your website, plug-ins from Social networks should be incorporated in your website design to further develop peoples perception of your brand.


It’s important for prospects or customers to reach you, display your contact details on each page and use an email notifier to inform users of any updates to the website.

Your design should include a Blog and allow comments giving you a better insight of your visitors needs.


Allow visitors to personalise landing pages and ensure the website design is customer centric with personal greetings and personal preferences.

5. Commerce

Customers should be able to complete the entire purchasing process on-line so incorporating on-line registration, secure payment facilities, order tracking and return policies in the website design is essential.

6. Convenience

Ensure your Hosting Company is reliable and keep your website down time to a minimum, remove dead links and ensure that information in no more than 3 clicks away (plan during the initial website design phase).

The website design should ensure a pleasant user experience with simple navigation, good graphics and clear typography.

7. Choice

The website should offer a wider selection of products than normal distribution channels or perhaps offer a product customisation option for registered members.

8. Cost

We always looking for bargains and the easiest way to find them is on-line, offer discounts for on-line purchases or bookings (check out for a good example).

Plenty of thought has to go into website design so always plan before you launch your on-line presence (or overhaul your existing web design).

Source by Darryl D Alexander

Gravity of Web Application Security Assessment

Every now and then there is need for the data transmission on the Internet, so data security is very important over here. If you are among them who wish to safeguard his data, then you need to go for a web application security assessment, as this is the best possible method for evaluating the web application. There are different types of tools available in the market, which offer assessment of your application. The best part of this form of assessment is that it maintains absolute confidentiality of your information.

The assessment procedure can also authorize and authenticate different forms of issues. Most of the testers feel this part of the test is exciting as well as fun. You may know that technology is pacing rapidly and there is grave need for a technique which can safeguard the system.

Hackers are upgrading their technology and attacking the networks, which are not protected in an efficient manner. They prove that most of the networks present in the IT world are vulnerable to hacking and data theft. Therefore, you need to undergo a web application security assessment for ensuring complete security.

Some Serious Issues

While webmasters may feel it fun filled thing but there are lots of serious aspects to this and you need to take them seriously. By the usage of a trusted method for the security testing, you can determine all the security problems present in your web application. This may assist you in eradication of these problems.

There are different types of web application test tools available in the market, so you can choose any one depending on your system. Use these tools and determine what the drawbacks of your system are and take effective measures such that they are no more present in your system and your network is free from hackers or data theft.

Usage of a User Friendly Interface

You need to remember that there is grave need for the usage of a user friendly interface. If you use an interface, which is tough to understand then half your time may go in understanding the tool. For instance, if you are using wireless security assessment tool, then you need to make sure that it is not beyond your understanding because wireless networking is very intricate. Also make sure that the set up is easy and at the same installation does not ruin a whole lot of time.

Essence of Add-ons

The best possible manner in which you can test a tool is by testing its add-ons. For instance, if you are using a wireless security assessment tool, which are not worth it then avoid such tools. Common add-ons are web proxy, HTTP as the discovery service and HTTP editor. The add-ons have grave role to play in the conduction of the test in an efficient manner.

If you want that there is accuracy in the security assessment of your web application, then you need to focus on the quality of add-ons. Most of the people have the perception that they are trivial but this is not so, and you can know this once you start using one of the web application security assessment tool.

Source by Sagbee C

How Do You Know The Online Baby Shop You Buy From Is Doing The Utmost To Keep Your Details Safe?

Being a parent, you always want to ensure that you’re getting the best value for money possible when it comes to buying baby products for your little one.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for a few pounds or several hundreds of pounds, you want to make sure that you aren’t paying over the odds for any products.

However, there is also a second consideration when it comes to buying products that has come about in recent years and that’s ensuring that your details, if you’re buying online, are kept safe and secure.

If you’re a bit of a techy, it’s likely that you’ll know how to check that your details are being stored and processed securely, but if you haven’t had the opportunity or taken the time to familiarise yourself with these principles, the following information should help you determine whether the website you’re using is a safe one or not.

1. Does its URL start with “https…”? – all websites start with the same prefix of http, but websites that have taken steps to securely process your data are likely to have a ‘s’ after this standard prefix. What this means is that the website is utilizing an encrypted ‘tunnel’ for information to pass between the user and the company, known technically as a secure sockets layer.

2. Is there a padlock visible on the browser itself? – the position of the padlock changes depending on the browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc) that you are using, but you can start to be at ease if you can see a padlock icon on the browser itself.

Please note, this isn’t going to be on the website, but on the actual browser – if you can see one on the website, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the website is secure.

3. Does the website look secure? – OK, there are people out there who clone professional looking websites and when people put their credit card details in, thinking they’re going to the company, they actually go to the criminal, but generally speaking, if the website doesn’t look secure, chances are it’s not going to be.

Websites have developed a lot in the last 5 to 7 years and so it’s easy to see if a website looks old, out-dated and generally poorly built, which can lead many people to think twice about buying from them, whether they’re secure or not.

Likewise, it’s becoming easy to make a website secure and so if an organization wants your business and generally wants to succeed online, they need to be taking what are now relatively simple steps to secure their online business.

Buying baby products online should be an enjoyable experience and one that doesn’t involve any risk. Rather than take the chance on a website that you aren’t sure about, understand this information and have a quick check around before you hand over your money, if not just to put your mind at ease.

Source by Dan S Smith

Penetration Testing Detects Both Known and Unknown Vulnerabilities

It is known as Ethical Hacking, the act of being active in planning attacks over the website's security and networking. It is the Penetration Testing that is referred to here in this article. Both known and unknown vulnerabilities that harms the overall integrity of a website and the system, its network, data is pointed out when a penetration test is carried out in order out arrive at a just conclusion to solve the problem. Every now and then security threats haunts web masters and a security breach is often what take place if proper measures are put into action. The security threats may arise, due to a possible network security hole somewhere in the system, bad or inaccurate configuration or when automatic update option has been disabled. To ascertain the possible cause that might make hacker activity a child's play for a particular website or server, it is essential to carry out willful hacking by means of penetration.

The hacker activity as part of the vulnerability assessment in a penetration procedure is to willingly enter malicious code and undertake hacking. The only difference between the ethical hacking in penetration testing and the one carried out by real hacker is that the hacking conducted as an essential component of the penetration, gives periodic reports of how a particular hacking activity is effecting the website and the server security that is then forwarded to the admin for proper remediation management.

The penetration procedure is a "Black Box Testing" that involves tests where the attackers have no knowledge of the network infrastructure. This gives them the opportunity to carry out hacking as would have been carried out by a real hacker and in this way other unknown vulnerabilities that are not quite obvious to take place but posing a serious threat over the network and on live servers is pointed out and a proper solution is brought into the forefront to make a website secure to its fullest. Penetration testing carries out automated and manual discovery and exploitation of vulnerabilities, it validates compromised system with "tag" or copy of retrieved data conducted by certified staff.

Advantages of Penetration Testing: –

1) Penetration testing reveals possible network security holes.
2) More realistic risk assessment in the penetration procedure as it would have carried out by real hacker for better threat resolution.
3) Penetration testing brings about the formulation of a security strategy to analyze and identify threats, the cause and bring about a ready powerful solution to mitigate it.
4) Penetration testing prevents financial losses through loss of revenue and data due to the unethical processes.
5) A reliable penetration procedure that conducts risk audits to determine network operation and integrity.
6) Accurate and up-to-date known and unknown vulnerability assessments through penetration testing.
7) Preparation of disaster scenarios under the Black Box Testing and injecting malicious codes to analyze the cause and effect and assessing a prior attack scenario as well which in turn helps in error resolution and mitigating the possibility on the network.

Penetration testing should therefore be carried out whenever there is a change in the network infrastructure by highly experienced staff who will scrutinize internet connected systems for any weakness or disclosure of information, which could be used by an attacker to compromise the confidentiality, availability or integrity of your network.

Source by Adam Gilley

How to Make Your Medical Practice Website More Productive

One of the main reasons that a medical website is constructed is for physician marketing. It is there to enable a doctor to spread the news about his / her services and other offerings to a wider market. However, what many may not know is that a website could be used for more than that. Aside from being able to market or promote your skills, you could actually use it as "productivity software" for your practice.

Of course, to be able to use "productivity software," a medical professional should get a website design that not only focuses on physician marketing, but also on other factors that would help make it easy to transform into "productivity software" for your company .

Here are some factors to consider when attempting integrating productivity features into a website mainly aimed for physician marketing.


• In a website aimed for physician marketing, site security is not that much of an issue. After all, you would not have to store or access private data in your servers as you would only use it for promotions. However, once you start using it to do billing, retrieve records or other similar tasks, you would need to enhance your site security as you are now using confidential information.

• You might consider getting a private and secure server that would help in ensuring the safety of the files that you would be working with.

Site Maintenance

• All things considered, with a physician marketing website, maintenance is not that difficult or time consuming. You would simply update content, fix typos, add new links, or add new images over time. This is in stark contrast to productivity suites where you must always be on your guard for "bugs" or other things that may crash your system.

• Aside from site updates, you should talk to your web design partner about having someone do site maintenance for the productivity software that you plan to install on your website.

Site Design

• A difference exists between the design of a site that is primarily used for site promotions, and a site that would be integrated with productivity software. When you are using a site just for promotions, you can be as flashy as you want. You can fill the site with brilliant colors and other items that would make it more attractive.

• However, once you start using your website for additional productivity uses such as filling out forms, using it for billing or other kinds of uses for your practice, you may want it to look a bit more professional, more user friendly, and less intimidating . Site design is usually based on functionality first, and that is based on the preferences of the medical professional and practice owner.

• By following the tips mentioned above, you would now be in possession of a multipurpose website. Not only would you be able to promote your services and businesses to people online, but also help the practice become more efficient and productive.

Source by Philippa Kennealy

Why Should I Only Trust A Website With SSL Encryption?

It seems that the world revolves around the internet these days, with about ninety five percent of daily life somehow relating to computers and internet use in some way. Bank transactions, shopping, family updates, and even wills and trusts can be done online. SSL encryption ensures that secure information is kept safe. The SSL certificate is free to obtain, which means that webmasters and website developers do not risk losing anything in order to have the certificate. If a webmaster or web developer does not have an SSL certificate, they risk losing business, web traffic, and their integrity.

SSL encryption protects sensitive information as it is transmitted on the internet. SSL certificates work by providing a mixing up the words, letters, and numbers entered over a secure connection. Thieves cannot do anything with this information, assuming that they are able to see it in the first place. That means that when a consumer makes an online purchase, an unscrupulous hacker cannot steal their credit card number. SSL certs also protect bank account numbers, addresses, national insurance numbers, and the like Consumers on an SSL protected site know that their information is safe, and that they can browse with confidence. SSL certificates contain two keys. One is private and one is public. A private key will unscramble all information that the public key has scrambled. This is only half of the story.

SSL certs also authenticate both the website and the client. Authentication is crucial. SSL certificates are created for verified businesses and specific domains. These certificates are like having a birth certificate and social security card when applying for an identification card. It ensures that the website is owned by the company that is represented on the website. It is the same as sharing your birth date and with your doctor versus sharing that same information with a complete stranger.

SSL security provides as much piece of mind for the company as it does for the consumer. SSL certificates ensure that a company will not be responsible for contacting clients and informing them that their information has been stolen. It helps a company preserve its reputation and its integrity. It also makes it harder for hackers to steal information by going into company files. It ensures companies that the internet is not only safe for their clients, but that it is safe for the companies themselves. It costs nothing to get an SSL certificate, so there is no risk in adding one to a website. The bigger risk would be in operating, or doing business, on a website without security.

Source by Brian D Paxton