What a WordPress Designer Should Know

The most popular blogging resource available today is WordPress. It is a free, open-source platform that can be customised with various features in the same way a dress is complimented with different accessories. Themes allow users to alter the look and performance of a WordPress installation or website without altering the information content. In addition, […]

WordPress: The Little CMS That Could

The Internet is an amazing place. Where else can you get so many great products for free? Take WordPress, for example. The seed for the world’s leading content management system first took root in January 2003 when a young developer, Matt Mullenweg, grew disenchanted with his blogging software, b2. The software hadn’t been updated in […]

WordPress Design Tips to Impress Viewers

So you want to create a company blog? This is great news. WordPress is truly a user-friendly platform that you can use to share your expertise in your field as well as communicate directly with your target audience. If you’re creating a WordPress design yourself, the good news is there are tons of WordPress themes […]

Protect Your WordPress Site From Hackers

As long as there are personal and business websites, there will be hackers who, for reasons unknown, think hacking a website is a thing to do. Personally, I have had all my websites hacked at one time or another over the last few years. It is a royal pain in the butt to clean and […]

Why Should Your Business Go For WordPress Development?

With a more than efficient CMS and a popularity that goes beyond the limit set by the sky, WordPress development has brought to one of the most exciting times of the ongoing tech revolution. Having more than 60 million people across the world using this platform, WordPress seems to have offered not just a unique, […]

5 Reasons Why It Can Benefit To Use a WordPress Store Locator

If you are building or managing a website for a business with several bricks-and-mortar premises, a dedicated WordPress store locator added to the site is certain to be a useful idea. This is a practical feature to include on a site to make it possible for potential visitors to easily find the closest office or […]

Content Management System – WordPress Vs Joomla

A Content Management System (CMS) is a computer application that allows publishing, editing, modifying, organising, deleting and maintaining content from a central interface. The most famous open-source software programs for creating a website are WordPress and Joomla. Each of these has their own advantages and disadvantages, but which one is the best? Content management system: […]

WordPress and Its Advantages

WordPress started in 2003 and since then, there has been no looking back. It has become the most powerful tool which is preferred by most leading businesses and has been used to create more than 70 million websites across the globe. WordPress is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system in […]

How to Install WordPress Theme

So you have hunted high and low and found the perfect WordPress theme. Now you need to know how to install WordPress theme or it will just be a pretty file collecting dust on your hard drive. Installing a WordPress theme is not as complicated as many people think it is. The thing that tends […]

9 Basic Steps In Moving WordPress Website to a New Host

Not satisfied with the service? Not getting what you paid for? Not having 100% assistance from your provider and afraid of losing data? Well, you might want to start moving your WordPress website to a new host. Don’t worry about damaging your site. You can move your WordPress website to a new Host free from […]