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About Us

Founded In 2015

About Us


Director of SPARKZ NETWORK Callum Longworth runs his exclusive broadband telecommunications, website design, hosting and video production company in Liverpool England UK.  

Now in 2020, the company has entered a new phase of expansion, not only continuing to offer website design and hosting services, but also supplying new state-of the art global broadband and telecommunication services, which are now available for everyone to enjoy. 

As well as offering many new additional business services, SPARKZ NETWORK welcomes new team members on board, who are assisting Callum with the general running of operations. With technical advice and telephone support available, as well as one to one business consultations available on request, Callum’s company is focused on pushing creative design boundaries further in order to break new ground, working very closely with every client, ensuring each service requirement is customised to specific requirements, while constantly maintaining professional open communication via telephone and e-mail, therefore ensuring all clients are kept up to date with many aspects of services requested – be it the progress of their website during it’s creation through to launch and hosting, to the installation of broadband and telecommunication services, all with a guarantee of professional caring advice and technical support on demand. Callum is very passionate about what he does and enjoys challenging his own creativity in order to be able to maintain and continue to offer higher level of service to all of his clients.

Founder and Director Callum Longworth welcomes you to Sparkz Network Limited Liverpool England. With a degree in Creative Art Working and a Higher National Diploma Level 4 and 5 in Graphic Design, 25 year old technical expert and creative artist Callum Longworth runs his exclusive broadband telecommunications, website design and web hosting company SPARKZ NETWORK, based in Liverpool England UK. Founded in 2015, SPARKZ NETWORK offers premium specialist business services operating efficiently and safely handling data for both small and large UK and International corporations.

Callum Longworth


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Who are we?

Our vision is to enable millions of people around the globe to unlock the power of Internet and give them the empowerment to learn, create and grow.

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